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How strong is your pelvic floor? You may want to consider this if you experience things like urinary incontinence or pain during sexual intercourse. You shouldn’t necessarily think “this is normal for my age” or “that’s what happens after you give birth”. Stop worrying about laughing too hard, running, jumping, or having sex!

Urinary incontinence. Stay strong and confident. If you ever feel a few drops slip by or even a lot, there’s a solution and there are fixes.

Working at the office can cause neck pain, shoulder pain and arm pain. Some people might feel electric shocks down the arm or numbness.

Modern office life: neck, shoulder, arm pain

Did you know that after an ankle injury, you should start moving it as soon as possible? If you can avoid immobilizing it (which can be necessary if there’s a fractured bone), you will save yourself from a lot of pain and stiffness down the line.

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Most back pain are mechanical in nature meaning that certain movements or positions can make it worse and others can make it better.

The reason for that is that there is something pinching on the nerve, which can send pain signal to the back, the hips, the knees and even further down. The sciatic nerve is the most common example: you’ve probably heard of the term sciatica, which means pain caused by the sciatic nerve.

Most of the time, if a nerve is being pinched and causes pain, in order to get rid of the pain all we need to do is to get the nerve some space and remove the pinching. Now imagine your finger is stuck in a door and hurts, it’s obvious that if you move the door one way you can pinch the finger even more, and if you move the door the other way the finger is released. Most of the time, the same thing happens for your back joints and the nerves around them.

Other factors such as stress, sleep and nutrition can affect back pain.

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